Riding the warmest April ever in Heidelberg

If somebody would have told us a while ago that Heidelberg has such a cool spot to ride… we wouldn’t have believed that. But it’s true! The Fun starts (if you dont shuttle) with an 30 minute climb through some nice forrests on gravel and paved roads. The Hill is a bitch (sorry for that expression), because it starts with a slighter slope and gets steeper and steeper the further up you go. An amazing experience since the more tired you get the harder the fight gets, too.

Though, the reward is amazing. Many freeride bikers must have contributed to the trail systems that welcomed
us in Heidelberg. Well developed track with a pretty clear to find way. A few small jumps, great burms and flowy sections.

Definitely a great place to go for the Summer, to be connected with an after ride picknink @ the Neckar river beleow the castle!

We’ve posted a second trail from Heidelberg here…

Heidelberg Part II

Basically the same trail as seen on the “Warmest April ever” post.

Enjoy the video!