Difficulty Scale

Single Trail Scale by http://singletrail-skala.deOur trails’ definition is based on the “Single Trail Scale” (STS) of http://singletrail-skala.de developed by Carsten Schymik, David Werner and Harald Philipp.

The scale is divided into six degrees of difficulty: easy trails (S0 & S1), medium (S2) and difficult (S3, S4 & S5). The colors Blue, Red and Black have its origin in the maps of ski slopes and hiking trails, so there’s nothing really new to learn at this point if you’ve been to the mountains before.

The classification of all trails is based on the most objective characteristics of a trail when best conditions are met, such as sufficient daylight and dry ground. Subjective factors that might influence the difficulty are not being considered: degree of danger (fall hazard), weather (rain, wind, fog, snow,…), daylight, speed, amongst others. Thus, difficulty can easily change during bad weather conditions.

Read more about the different levels by selecting one of the links below:

  • Level S0 – “Easy peasy”
  • Level S1 – AKA “S1-ngle Trails”
  • Level S2 – “Rolling stones” but not the Rolling Stones
  • Level S3 – No time to relax
  • Level S4 – Ride between the rocks
  • Level S5 – Super-human? Get in touch with us – now!