Martin & Martin

How are you?

First we want to introduce ourselves to you…
Left: Martin Redigolo (German-Italian living and riding his Specialized Stump Jumper FSR Comp mostly in Spain) &
Right: Martin Blaszczyk (German-Polish mostly living and riding his TREK Remedy 9.0 mostly in Germany).

WE LOVE MOUNTAINBIKING and we love tracking our routes, taking photos, shooting videos and the place where everythings taking place: NATURE… this is where the idea of MYSINGLETRAIL was born.

We have the small tick about cool photos, art & design and MYSINGLETRAIL is the place where we want to share with you the fun related to this sport and where we want to connect with you.

Join and follow our picture stories… and contribute yourself, hashtag: #mysingletrail / #mst on twitter or instagram.
We want to see what are the things that catch your attention and make you willing to stop for a moment and take a picture.

If you go for a ride or just want to let us know about a great trail, let us know.
We will also publish our activities & riding events on our Facebook page.

You can find and follow us also on Instagram (@mysingletrail) or Twitter @mysingletrail.