The Feartaker – Downhill Transfer w/ Mr. Schmid

[The Feartaker, span. "El quita miedos" - people say that this trail will take all fear off you. Try to believe.]

Well, the Transfer sessions with Mr. Schmid are by nature a great adventure, but this was by far the funniest ever.
First snow (15cm/6″)at Puerto Navacerrada (1800m altitude) made us first stop and think if we really should go downhill… and we were so happy to have chosen the right decision that we made the same trail twice that day.

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Camino Schmid in fall #cercedilla #madrid #spain

We’ve done this trail – Camino Schmid – a bunch of times before, but never in Fall/beginning winter so now we can give you some (wet) details about it.

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The downhill trail with jumps & bumps

This trail is one of the trails at Casa de Campo Madrid, which is pretty fast as you’ll find a continuous descent. Short climbs give you the push for the next descending section.
At the hight of the amusement park, which is located in the southern area inside of Casa de Campo, we found an section with jumps. Exercise here for your next 360 backflip :)
After that you’ve passed the jumps try to stay on the smaller trails with more bumps and jumps for some fun or switch to the bigger track until you’ve reached the lake. From there a last single trail section will bring you back until “The Colums” and the river Manzanares of Madrid.

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Casa de Campo: The Gate – Electrical Tower – The Columns

As you can see in the video, the trail is really nice starting with a fast downhill section and making your heart beat rate go up when climbing to the electrical tower.
From there you have another downhill section (quite easy as you just follow a main track) and then leaving the track behind to follow narrow trails again.

The last part is again quite easy as you can either go on the track or enjoy the trails right next to it. Fast, a bit up a bit down, and curvy. Technically the trails need a bit more experience, especially as fast gear changing is necessary.

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Study of grounds at Casa de Campo Madrid

As Casa de Campo Madrid is such a great place to kick some trails we want to show and explain you a little bit the different type of grounds you will find over there.

Due to arid climate of Madrid, ground and vegatation is rather dry. Nonetheless you will find a completely different look of Casa de Campo in Spring, where basically everything that’s dry and brown in summer, is fresh and green.
Though, if during spring time heavy rain comes down, the typical gullies are created by the rain water flowing down the hills and you can have nice mud rides. YAY!

mysingletrail: ground study of Casa de Campo

The different ground types we've found...

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Casa de Campo Madrid

Casa de Campo (literally “House of the Field”) is a outdoor area right next to Madrid. As it’s some sort of Trail Paradise we want to explain you a little bit about the trails and possibilities to have fun over there. The main spots where you can meet with other people or where trails are starting.

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Many people come directly by bike or by car. On weekends it’s usually crowded (except if you come early in the morning or during Spanish lunch time 1-5pm). Sometimes there are even races on sundays so the main roads might be used by the organization but you can still pass on the side ways. Continue Reading

Riding the Sierra of El Escorial #Madrid #Spain

A little less like an hour by train you can easily reach this nice village and the famous cloister of El Escorial (world heritage) and similar to the area of Cercedilla the mountains offer a nice variety of trails and difficulties.
The trail we rode starts right at the cloister and you can basically climb the mountain following the road which further converts into a country road with gravel.

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Downhill Cercedilla/Spain with Mr. Schmid

Friends from us run a bike store called Mr. Schmid in Cercedilla. Cercedilla is a little village about 1h by car north from Madrid right at the “Sierra” (the chain of mountains of the Madrid region).
Cercedilla is very easy to reach by train from Madrid. You can hop on a train from Atocha main train station and 1h20min later you’re right there.
During the summer, bikers are allowed to take the special Mountain train up to “Puerto Navacerrada”, which in winter is also a little skiing area (and bikers are not allowed on the train – boooooooooh!). In any case it’s more fun to go with Mr. Schmid and the “Transfers” they do: give them your bike and they’ll bring you and your metal horse uphill to enjoy fully downhill.

If you aren’t a downhill PRO, yet, don’t worry, they will teach you as shown in the video.

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Madrid City – Casa de Campo – Cercedilla – Cotos

This post isn’t a real description of a trail rather than a story about two guys riding in the city of Madrid, the nearby outdoor area Casa de Campo and the mountains of Madrid “Sierra de Madrid” (about 1h car ride, 1h20min by train from the capital).

Unfortunately Madrid isn’t really a bike city, but you can still go for it doing some sightseeing by bike and, it’s been two times now that bike-loving friends came over and were amazed by Casa de Campo’s variety of trails, so you should definitely come over and ride with us.

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